“Lisa does a wonderful job. We have a 4 year old and she has done both outdoor shots and in the studio. Both were very relaxed shoots unlike in most studios. She not only makes the child feel comfortable but also the parents. Because the child feels so comfortable she gets great shots. She is not only a great photographer but also a very special person.”- Christine M.




“I met Lisa Miller when my sister chose her as the photographer for her wedding. My sister’s pictures were amazing and very candid, not to mention that it was no trouble posing for pictures since her wonderful personality puts you at ease and you feel like you have known her forever!! I was so impressed with Lisa’s work that I booked a bordeaux pin up session — it was a fabulous experience and I’m sure to please my significant other!!! These were just two experiences of many more to come with Lisa and I look forward to seeing her soon as I book more sessions for family photos!!!” – Jayme B.



“Lisa you are AWESOME! All of our portraits have been amazing! It really means a lot to me that you are always so patient and wonderful with the kids – I love the way you always seem to know exactly what we want and what we will like! I have enjoyed EVERY experience we have had this year!” – Brandi J.




“You are amazing to work with.” – Carrie H.






“Lisa did a FANTASTIC job with my 2 boys! A toddler & new baby aren’t that easy to photograph – one constantly on the move & one either sleeping, eating, or fussing. She was awesome and kept up with every minute of action. Thank you Lisa! We LOVE our pictures.” – Dawn M.





“Hilarity reigns! Lisa so gets my husband and his quirkiness!” – Tami D., Manager for the Magical Storyteller

“Love it! More awesome than I could have imagined!” – Jamie L.

“Lisa Miller is not only a wonderful photographer but an amazing person. She was able to provide photos for my grandpa the day after the wedding because he was too sick to attend. We were able to share wedding photos with him and my gratitude can’t be fully expressed in words. Simply the best!” – Stephanie O.